Noise complaints won’t stop bagpipe music to drive homeless

Bournemouth council says it will continue to play bagpipe music to drive away homeless people spending the night at the travel interchange station, despite complaints. 

Some residents say that the loud music at night is annoying and should be stopped since homeless people no longer sleep at the coach station.


But Councillor David Smith, cabinet member for planning and environment for Bournemouth Borough Council, disagrees that the issue has been resolved and says that the council will not be stopping the bagpipe music.

“The council will stop playing the music when the problem is solved” he says.

There were no homeless people sleeping at the coach station when The Breaker went to investigate a fortnight ago.

Jimmy Cassidy, a night taxi driver of more than 15 years operating at the coach station taxi hub, says the council needs to stop playing the music because as it is becoming a nuisance and the homeless people have since left the vicinity.

“It’s annoying because it’s been out here a long time now.  And it changes the pitch; it gets louder and the music is louder.  And this started about a year ago, its seem to be a while now”.

“Yeah, but there should be a noise factor to irritate other people.

“The other thing is that the homeless weren’t causing any problem to anybody – they were just sitting there, might do a bit of begging, but they weren’t any problem,”  Mr Cassidy says.

He says the rough sleepers have now moved to ASDA parking lot area where they sleep at night.

Regardless, Cllr Smith says he’s been praised by many people who appreciate the idea of playing the bagpipe music.

“It’s good…rather a lot of people compliment me on the music.  A lot of people like it,”  he says.

The Bournemouth Borough Council and police authorities started playing bagpipe music at the coach station late November and says it was to curb antisocial behaviour.

The music is being played from midnight to 06:30, and there has been many criticisms of the council to cease playing the music rather, they should provide shelters for the homeless.

‘Rough sleepers’  are being accused of sleeping in the toilets area of the interchange at night, and intimidating travelers from using the toilets.  They are also accused of littering the area with booze bottles and cigarette butts.

A petition  asking Bournemouth council to stop playing the bagpipe music was immediately launched and the news went international.

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