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Currently doing my masters at Bournemouth University 'Media School' in International Journalism. Lived in Bristol for three years doing my BA in Drama and Creative Writing at The University of the West of England (UWE). I was a Stage Manager and director for six months for the play 4:48 by Sarah Kane. Before this, I lived in Ramsgate, Kent where I practised my photography skills and writing by the sea. I would like to travel somewhere longer than an hours flight and immerse myself in a different culture. Twitter: @LCurtisss

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Watching the news remind us of our parents forcing us to switch over at six o’clock to catch the events of the day. In 2009, Matthew Robson aged 15, helped compile a report about teenage media habits that revealed that teen’s today don’t consume ‘traditional’ media.
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Is breast best online

A growing number of women are joining online breast milk sharing communities. Laura Curtis explores the internet-driven social phenomenon and examines the differences between milk banks with screening processes and online donation.
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Climate change affecting hedgehogs

Studies have shown that climate change has affected the behaviour of migrating birds, trees coming into leaf, and frogs spawning. Research in the 1970s revealed a direct link between hibernation and the climate which marked a difference in hedgehog hibernation patterns across the UK. With the help of the public, scientists will be repeating the survey to see what effect climate change is having on the hedgehogs in England.
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Editor’s Photo Blog

Welcome to the Friday edition of The Breaker, bringing you the latest news from around Dorset and UK, as well as up to date entertainment and international news from around the world. Instead of the normal blog, today the Editor has captured the last newsroom session through a series of photographs.
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