Bournemouth ‘Super Huts’ cost £40,000

Bournemouth ‘Super Huts’ are replacing the existing huts at alum Chime in order to generate tourism and money.

The new ‘Super Huts’ at Alum Chine have raised concern with local residents about London workers being able to jump in and buy them. The huts are being built through the Bournemouth Borough Council’s Seafront Scheme.

The new huts, which are  larger than the existing ones will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Boscombe Sea Change Project Manager Andrew Emery said that; “This is about generating tourism business, the seafront is our prime asset, which contributes towards a tourism economy that’s worth about £460 million per year and employs around 11 000 people.”

Mr Emery emphasised that it is absolutely vital that they develop the seafront in order to attract people to the town, ultimately generating more money to the area. He said that they recognise that the seafront is a shared resource for all of the local people live here, we have over 2000 beach huts and the vast majority are owned by local people so it is about getting that balance right.

Tom Stone, Bournemouth Seafront Strategy said, “There has been lots of interest, my inbox has been inundated with messages since the press release was released yesterday.”

The huts can be purchased off-plan and will be located to the west of Alum Chine, towards the Poole Border. Work on building the super huts is due to start at the end of the month with demolition of existing huts starting this week. They are being sold on a 25 year lease for £40 000 including VAT.

Dave Tite from The Watersports Academy told The Breaker that they are a “good addition to the area and will hopefully draw in holiday makers and generate tourism.”

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