Boscombe market traders open shops

Some Boscombe market traders are doing well enough to open their own shops despite the current economic climate.

Despite a drop in sales for traders at Boscombe market, some traders are doing well enough to open their own shops.

Boscombe market manager, Rod Wilson, said: “We have had about two traders a year from the market opening their own shops. There are six in total who have been able to open shops around town in the recent years.

“Most of the shops are doing well too, which is remarkable especially given the current economic climarte. It really depends on the type of trade. Some traders such as repair stores do quite well.”

Philip Morland, the owner of Traditional Locksmith, was a Boscombe market trader and now runs his own shop in the Royal Arcade in Boscombe. He said: “I started as a trader at Boscombe market with a little box and six locks. But today I have three employees and three vans.”

However, comfort and luxury product shops have not had the same luck. Nigel Hedges, President of the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce, said: “A lot of shops are closing as they’re over stretched financially. But some market traders opening their own shops is good news and we’d like to see more of them out there.

“But a lot of traders who approach us saying they wish to open their own shops don’t seem to have a clear idea of how they’re selling themselves or how to convince a bank for financial support. So it might take some time until traders are actually able to establish themselves in a permanent business.”

Picture: Shivani Dave

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