Boscombe pupils warned about dangers of drugs

Former drug addicts are visiting schools in Boscombe and Pokesdown as part of a project which aims to warn school children about the dangers of drugs.

Vita Nova is an organisation which uses drama and creative writing as a means of recovery for drug addicts. They then go into schools to conduct workshops for children. Volunteer development and project worker, Vita Nova, Dave Walker, said: “Since we are a charity organization run solely by recovering addicts of alcohol and drugs, workshops that tell people first hand stories are more effective”.

Being creative can be a therapeutic outlet for emotions held in. Theatre is a means to let out thoughts and emotions through another character. Drama plays a role in allowing one to release suppressed thoughts while playing another role.

“We are approaching the students of year six in about three schools in the area. The project is called the Community Challenge Project wherein we involve young students in a series of theatre performances and creative writing. We hope that their parents will get to see these performances too.”

A recovering addict involved with poetry and creativity at Vita Nova, Paul Hawkins, said: “Volunteering has helped in providing some structure in my life. It’s boosted my self confidence enormously. Since I got out of rehab recently, I have been involved with drama and writing.”
Using theatre and writing as a means of expressing oneself provides an efficient outlet for recovering addicts, granting a sense of support and hope.


Picture: Aldo Cauchi Savona

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