Photo of cakes from charity coffee morning.

Wimborne baking competition ‘raises dough’ for cancer support

The Wimborne-based business, Dacombes of Wimborne, raised over £110 for Macmillan Cancer Support in a bake-off style tea and cake morning, last friday.

The electronics store joined hundreds of other businesses around the country to support the charity, who offer help to people who have received a diagnosis of cancer.

Last year, Macmillan received £29.5 million through their coffee mornings alone. The tradition began in 1990 and since then has gathered support to the tune of over £165.5 million.

More than 40 people, including Mayor Terry Wheeler and children from St. Johns First School, enjoyed tea and cakes prepared by staff at Dacombes. The Mayor acted as a judge of the employees baking expertise in a competition reminiscent of our well-loved baking show on Channel 4.

“The mayor came to basically judge our soggy bottoms,” said Julie, the employee in charge of outreach programs.

This is the first time that Dacombes have held a Macmillan coffee morning, but the business is currently looking to expand their fundraising for charity.

Dacombes will be celebrating their 100th year of business in 2020 and moved into a new building on Leigh Road in May. In the move, they acquired a larger space with a lounge area and are now inviting charities to use the facilities free of charge.  When asked about their charitable attitude, Julie said they were “just giving a little bit back to Wimborne”.

On Saturday mornings, at 10:15am, the building hosts a ‘Cooking for One’ course. Lessons on how to cook are provided by Brendon Care, a charity that aims to improve the quality of life for the elderly. The class is particularly aimed at older men who are living alone and are unable to cook for themselves, as well as providing them with an opportunity to leave the house and socialise.


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