Bournemouth changes its parking provider

Bournemouth Borough Council recently changed its cashless parking provider from phone and pay to pay by phone, implemented from April 18th.

Residents, shoppers and visitors parking in Bournemouth were asked by the council to register with the new app. The reason behind the change is to improve the user experience. “The system we’ve been using until now, especially the app, wasn’t very good and it wasn’t very easy to extend parking,” said Councillor Phillip Broadhead.

Last year, pay by phone was one of the first apps to be available for the Apple Watch. Their users can check the time remaining and top up with just a few taps to the wrist.

“The app was chosen based on both user experience as well as the number of councils and parking providers using it throughout the country, ” Cllr Broadhead said.

The main advantage of cashless parking is the ease of use, which initial apps like RinGo didn’t provide. It deducted a surcharge for usage of the app on top of the parking fee.

“A key benefit of pay by phone is that it lets users top up their parking session remotely when time is running low.  They receive an alert on their phone and can decide whether to return to their vehicle or top up quickly using the app or automated phone service.”

“During the changeover period, we would ask motorists to read notices and leaflets carefully to make sure they know which service to use,” said Elaine Smith, Deputy Parking services manager.

By helping transportation agencies and parking operators tap into the latest advancements in secure mobile payment, big data and location technologies, the company helps them reduce infrastructures costs while increasing revenue and compliance through the delivery of services integrated with consumers always on the go, mobile digital lifestyle.

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