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Bournemouth locals do the timewarp again!

The Rocky Horror Show returns to Bournemouth Pavilion to thrill local audiences.

The Rocky Horror Show is selling out every Saturday on its current tour, according to promoters.


The  Show returns to Bournemouth Pavilion this week until Saturday 26th October. The show features stars such as Strictly Come Dancing’s Joanne Clifton and West End performer Stephen Webb.


The Rocky Horror Show has been coming to Bournemouth for several years, and is popular among local people. Bournemouth resident Alicia Dickinson, who saw the show on Tuesday evening, says: “I love Rocky Horror because it breaks social norms and boundaries. It’s quirky, imaginative and musically incredible.”

Picture of Stephen Webb in Rocky Horror
Stephen Webb as Dr. Frank N. Furter | credit: BHLive

The show, written by Richard O’Brian, has been running for 47 years and has since become a cultural phenomenon. A spokesperson for the show said that they get the same positive fan reactions across the country and receive a lot of praise.


“We sell out most Saturday nights round the country and this tour looks set to break records,” they said.



The long running popularity of the show was reinforced by the release of the 1975 cult classic film adaptation. There is an official UK Rocky Horror fan club, (on Twitter @TimeWarpFanClub). Kevmc from Timewarp says: “why has it lasted? Quite simply because there is nothing else like it, Rocky really is unique.”

To this day seeing the stage show is a rite of passage for many people young and old, with hordes of theatre goers seeing it live, dressed outrageously as characters from the show. It has become as much a happening as a theatre show.


The Rocky Horror Show is running all of this week at the Pavilion. Tickets are available at

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