Mark Wilson

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Graduated from Brighton in 2008, Cultural & Historical Studies. Music enthusiast, passionately critical of the world we live in. Currently studying MA International Journalism @ Bournemouth University.!/m_Arkwilson

The cost of our future

As a recession-hit society, it is difficult to decide whether to prioritise short-term financial survival or safeguard the environment for a greater, long-term benefit. Mark Wilson examines the difficult decisions that must be made to unite financial stability and environmental sustainability.
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Syrian official defects

Ba'ath party minister Abdo Husameddin resigned from the autocratic Syrian regime this morning, calling Assad's regime "a sinking ship." Mark Wilson examines his video statement prior to Kofi Annan's arrival in Damascus on Friday.
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School’s out (and we can’t get back in)

“Everyone thinks that their course is more intensive but I do think everyone here is hardworking. When the caretaker comes around he always says that we are the ones he has to kick out the most.” Mark Wilson talks to students at BU and AUCB about how university opening hours are affecting their education and lives.
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