Tenants to swap homes.

Landlords are working with Bournemouth and Poole Councils to help match people who are forced to move by the ‘bedroom tax’ to smaller properties with those needing something bigger. 

The House Swap Scheme will help people who need to move from Bournemouth properties affected by social housing size restrictions, over-crowding  and family requirements.

Bournemouth Council’s senior lettings officer Neil Armstead, said that the scheme is to; “help people move to more affordable accommodation.”

The house swap came about from the Welfare Reform Scheme (April 2013)  which has affected the amount of housing benefits. People with one spare bedroom will see their benefits cut by 14% and those with two spare bedrooms or more will suffer cuts of up to 25%.

Mr Armstead said that “It will not result in homelessness” as residents will be required to be actively looking for a smaller property by engaging with the housing register.

Bournemouth and Poole Council are due to hold a house swap event on Thursday 27th February, having sent invitations to the event to those residents who have expressed to their landlord that they wish to move. The event has proved popular with residents.

“Over 220 people are confirmed but more want us to advertise their property,” explained Armstead.


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