Bournemouth Repair Cafe

Bournemouth Repair Cafe offers new way to reduce rubbish from homes

The repair cafe is tackling waste issues by encouraging people to bring their broken items in for free repairs.
The local group hosts this event once a month, where people can attend and get things like electrical appliances, bikes, clothes and furniture repaired by volunteers.
Various ‘Fixers’ to give as much or as little time as they can spare
Various volunteering fixers who are handy with textiles, electrical appliances, bicycles and furniture spare their time to support.

Interactive model

This idea by Transition Bournemouth aims to reduce landfill and challenge throwaway culture in the local area.
You don’t need to throw it away, we fix this for you and save you money.
Peter John Allen
“What we are doing here is: you bring stuff along, we will give it a new lease of life. You don’t need to throw it away, we fix this for you and save you money.” says Peter John Allen, the event coordinator.
To hear more, watch the interview below.

The cafe model also helps to bring local community together to share repair skills and their cares for the environment.
Catherin Robin, who brought a jeans with a hole between the legs to the repair event, says it was repaired and sued sewn very well-done.
“I think instead of putting things and ‘Oh it’s not working anymore’ but ‘What can I do’ because people may don’t have skills to repair, we don’t really know how to sew and repair things. So it’s great that we can come and people show how to do next time we are able to do it by ourselves. And it just avoids all the rubbish to our landfill” she adds.
The organisation planned to host 10 sessions this year. The next planned event is 20 April at Poole Dolphin Centre.
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