Bournemouth School gets £3.9m

The East Way school which has recently changed its admission policy to admit more disadvantaged pupils from the local area, will add to its already existing classroom, dining and toilet facilities to take in 180 boys in September 2019 and 210 the following year.

The school was awarded a project value amounting to the sum of £49.3 million for 16 projects following a rigorous assessment process.

Headmaster of the school Mr. Dorian Lewis said the  funding represents the most significant capital investment in the school for decades.

‘Our students deserve to be educated in a modern fit for purpose environment; and the work that we will now undertake will be the first phase of securing it for them’.

The school is graded outstanding by Ofsted and has a track record of high academic achievement.

10 percent of the Year 7 intake in September were eligible for the pupil premium grant, well above the national figure of 3.1% for selective schools.


A huge 93% of the school’s intake were Bournemouth residents.


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