George Osborne Britain is back

George Osborne will present the pre-election final budget today at 12h30.

“The sun is starting to shine and we are fixing the roof”, says Chancellor George Osbourne while delivering the final budget to the parliament. His announcement, which started at 12:30 is presenting plans to scrap self-assessment tax returns and the abolition of savings tax for millions of people.

“Debt as a share of GDP falls from 80.4% in 2014-15; to 80.2% in the year 2015-16. And it keeps falling to 79.8% in 2016-17; then down to 77.8% the following year, to 74.8% in 2018-19 before it reaches 71.6% in 2019-20,” said Chancellor Osbourne. He added, ” the Labour leader predicted Britain would lose a million jobs. In fact 1.9 million jobs have been gained. Ordinary families are around £900 better off.”

The chancellor has previously warned that there will be no pre-election gimmicks.


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