Photo of Gordon Long, Peter Matthews, Ricardo Cobelli, Alan Davies, Sophie Burgess-Kennar outside new bungalows

Bungalows built for disabled war veterans

Bournemouth War Memorial Homes has received £100,000 to help build five two-bedroom bungalows for disabled veterans.

The grant giving charity, Talbot Village Trust, awarded the sum of money to go towards the construction of the homes, which have been built on the existing Memorial Homes site on Castle Lane West and Jewell Road in Bournemouth.

Air Commodore Ricardo Cobelli, Chairman of Bournemouth War Memorial Homes, said: “All of these properties will be occupied by service veterans already on our homes waiting list, and the support from this grant really has helped us to make a substantial difference to the quality of the help we were able to offer.”

Bournemouth War Memorial Homes provide one, two and three bedroom homes to ex-service veterans in need and are funded entirely by donations and discounted rent paid by the veterans in the properties.

The charity was set up after the Second World War, when Bournemouth Council started a scheme to provide homes for disabled veterans, who returned from the war, and their families. This was instead of a memorial with the names of those lost at war.

The first properties were completed in 1948, and now there are 51 homes on the site.


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