Call to “support local growers” in wake of Britain’s vegetable shortage

Britain’s vegetable shortage crisis highlights the need to eat with the seasons, according to a Dorset farm produce provider.

By Elina Mark via Wikimedia Commons

Founder of vegetable box delivery service Goldhill Organics Jane Somper believes that shopping locally sourced seasonal vegetables is the obvious solution to Britain’s current vegetable shortage.

“It may well be a cost in the end that drives people into sourcing their produce more locally and to eat seasonally because actually it’s cheaper to do so. It’s going to be a fairer price if you buy foods that’s come from a local source – that hasn’t had to travel far, theres no middle man – and it’s seasonal,” she said.

“We’re so used to having everything when we want it.”

“We’re so used to having everything when we want it. People want what they’re used to. But I understand it’s just the way that we’ve all been brought up over the years demanding it, and so the supermarkets are only providing what people demand.

“But I think it’s very important that we support local growers. If we don’t support them, they’ll disappear, and that obviously has a knock on effect locally for the economy, but also for the land as well.”

British supermarkets have been forced to ration vegetables after floods and storms have destroyed crops across the Mediterranean, with broccoli, courgettes and iceberg lettuce among the worst affected vegetables.

The shortage comes as inflation hits a three year high, and is set to increase further as a result of the situation. The lack of vegetables is also driving up costs in the short term, as wholesalers have been forced to turn to the United States for vegetables, which is considerably more expensive.

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