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Currently doing an MA in Mulit Media journalism at Bournemouth University. Please check out the 'My News' section of my blog to see my latest print and broadcast work.


Let’s face it, if teenagers are given the choice of watching Eastenders, Big Brother, Tracey Beaker or the news, I would guarantee that a low percentage would choose the news. WATSUP news is a innovative news channel aimed at teenagers aged 13-19.
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Bournemouth master chef

A Bournemouth chef has entered this year’s Care Cook of the Year competition. The competition, organised by the National Association of Care Catering (NACC), invites chefs working in the care sector to produce a two course meal for £1.30 that is both nutritionally balanced and suitable for their clientele. Bournemouth master chef Ray Pike explains that it is very “difficult” to produce a two course meal for £1.30.
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