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Cautious welcome from Dorset campaigners for whaling ban

Dorset environmentalists have welcomed the recent whaling ban but have voiced concerns that it might not be enough.

Dorset environmentalists have welcomed a new  ban on whaling but have voiced concerns that it might not be enough.

The International Court of Justice ruled on Monday against whaling in the region, which countries including Japan had claimed was for scientific research.

East Dorset Friends of the Earth representative Angela Pooley said she welcomed the ruling, but that the group: “don’t think it will stop the problem completely”.

“We may still not have seen the end to the slaughter” – Patricia Cori, Save Earth’s Oceans

Ms Pooley added that the Dorset community had been heavily involved in petitioning and social media campaigns.

She said: “One of our key mottos is thinking globally and acting locally. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have made it easier to reach more people.”

Ms Pooley added that social media played a key role in bringing animal injustices to the attention of international policy formers.

She added: “This victory goes to show that we can make a difference to the environment and it gives us something positive to focus on when there is so much negativity surrounding environmental concerns.”

The CEO of campaign group Save Earth’s Oceans Patricia Cori said: “It is a good day for the whales of the Antarctic but we may still not have seen the end to the slaughter from the Japanese fleets.”

Tokyo-based marine conservationist Nanami Kurasawa also voiced her concerns, saying that the decision leaves a loophole for the Japanese to continue the hunt through a new “redesigned” programme.

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