Celebrity Tweets of the Week

A collection of hilarious tweets from some of  the best parody accounts around,  featuring The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper (@Sheldonsaid) How I Met Your Mother‘sBarney Stinson (@stinsonsays), God (@TheTweetOfGod) and the power-kicking Chuck Norris (@chuck_facts).

Who has not laughed out loud thanks to the outrageous Barney Stinson? This twitter account will provide endless fun.


Do you secretly wish that you could be Dr.Cooper’s best friend? I do! Not quite the real thing but it’s as close as it will ever get for some of us – unfortunately.

Two words: Chuck Norris. Are you scared? Follow at your own risk!


God tries to illuminate the Twiteratti by steering them away from atheism, an arduous task but provides plenty of fun along the way.

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