Charity Campaigns in Bournemouth to support deaf children

An estimated 11 million people in the UK are deaf or hard of hearing, at least 50,000 of which are children.

The National Children’s Deaf Society, a charity formed in 1944, provides support for deaf children and  is setting up shop right in Bournemouth Square until  November 2 to raise awareness.

One member of NCDS that is here for the week even has a personal connection to the cause he represents.

Will Sagar, a member of the NCDS for only 7 weeks that is working here in Bournemouth for the week, in fact had grommets (tiny plastic tubes put into the ear drum) as a child to help improve his hearing as a child.

“Seeing my hearing was not perfect as a child, it is quite a funny coincidence seeing as I’m now raising awareness for deaf children as an adult. So it feels good to be helping something that affected me when I was younger.” -Will

Will also said that his goal while here in Bournemouth for the week is to get 5 people a day to either sign up or donate to the charity.

Members of the National Children’s Deaf Society (Left) Luke Wellings, Will Sagar, Tommy Hills, Bod Akinfenwa (Right)

The awareness that the NCDS raises while here in Bournemouth could prove pivotal seeing that 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents with little or no experience dealing with deaf individuals.

90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents with little or no experience dealing with deaf individuals.

When asked what is goal is for the week here in Bournemouth, Bod Akinfenwa, another member of the NCDS said, “My job is to get people to do a good thing.”

Throughout their stay, their awareness and charitable work has started to have a positive impact on the local residents. Zach Baines, local Bournemouth resident said “It’s nice that the society is dedicating an extensive period of time to educate the community of Bournemouth for their cause.” and “I now feel inspired to help out with this good cause.”

The NCDS will look to continue to have this positive impact on the community during their stay.

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