Chinese lanterns light up Boscombe

“Night, Light and Magic”, a Chinese lantern display, will be held in Boscombe on 12 February, to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the year of the snake, and support the “Backing Boscombe” campaign.

The show will have  a Traditional chinese dancing performance, and chinese food tasting in Boscombe Chine Gardens.

The project led by Vision Young People’s Theatre Company together with the Boscombe Regeneration Partnership, aims at developing more community art events for the town.

Annie Herridge from Vision Young People’s Theatre Company, said: “There are several reasons that inspired the project. I like chinese culture and arts. Also the local councillors are interested in making Boscombe stand out again. We could make the town ‘sparkle’. So we got funded and we decided to make Night Light and Magic a celebratory outdoors activity in Boscombe for all the community and we thought Chinese New Year is a great opportunity to start the event.”

Sy Chen, a chinese man living in town centre, said: “I’m very happy to go and enjoy such a chinese style activity. Amazing we can have such a number of artists who know Chinese art and culture in Bournemouth. It will be a good chance for people to understanding and enjoying different culture.”

Night Light and Magic

Featured image by from Flickr.

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