London student admits to punching man in Lava nightclub

Bournemouth Magistrates Court heard this week an A level student punched a man for stamping on his girlfriend’s handbag.

Charles Paul McGuiness, from London admitted that he had assaulted the man in the nightclub Lava. The incident happened at 1 30 am in the nightclub Lava, he bent down to pick up his girlfriend’s handbag. A man next to him stamped on the handbag and spilt his drink on the defendant. McGuiness said he was angry and punched the man. The victim’s name was undisclosed by the court.

The court heard that the victim was punched to unconsciousness.

Security personnel removed the defendant from the club. Mr. McGuiness said: “I am guilty of the charge and regret having acted so harshly. It could have been a mistake. I should have just asked him to get off the handbag.”

Mr. McGuiness also said that he was not drunk and was in control of his actions. While defending him, his solicitor said he has a good track record and is an A level student.

District Judge House said: “This is a misunderstanding by you by the victim’s action. The CCTV footage clearly shows it could have been a mistake. However, night violence is a very serious issue.”

Yesterday District Judge House ordered McGuiness to pay £ 350 as compensation to the victim and £ 85  in court cost. Out of the six months of community order that Mr. McGuiness will have to serve, four months are under curfew where he is not allowed to step out of home between 10 pm and 4 am. He will be supervised throughout the order, said the Judge.

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