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Coronavirus: How pandemic is changing our lives and work. 

The covid-19 pandemic has not only forced a sit-at-work condition but has changed the way we live and work-from home

Pandemic: No more rush hour

Coronavirus has erased the usual early morning rush- busy traffic, brisk-walking people and announcements at train stations. There’s “scare” in the streets!

Coronavirus has changed the way we work.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our schedule and forced most people into de facto remote workers.
With some exceptions, working from home used to be a sales talk for many a success story- “How I quit my job and made millions working from home”

But today, working from home is now a survival strategy in the face of Covid-19 as many businesses and companies have had to implement the work from home policy of the government.

What are the risks of working-from-home?

Apart from cyber threats, loss of sense of community, corporate motivation or sometimes self-motivation, knowledge transfer or learning from others are just some of the downsides of working from home.

I was a guest (via Skype of course) at number 10- no! not what you think… It’s a house number in Boscombe, Bournemouth, to find out how some of the ladies are coping now that they had to work from home.

India Stanfield works in housing for the council. She constantly has to be in touch with the needy but now she said, “It’s hard…a lot of, like what people say (about) communication between people. We have Skype so we can keep in touch that way, but it does make things slower. And you can’t like turn and ask someone a quick question”

Samantha Davies works for a department store in a café in Southampton. She said, “In the past weeks I’ve not had anything to do where I can work and my internship in church has stopped. So, basically my life just went from hectic and busy and real productive to basically doing nothing.”

Experts’ Advice

Don’t lose your mind. Experts advice that we:
Have a routine
Dress up as you’ll do for work
Have a work space in your home
Learn a new skill(s)
Be disciplined with your time schedule for work.

When this virus is contained, will the way we live, and work change permanently?

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