NUS protest gets little attention

Students from all over the country gathered in London to participate in the NUS demonstration Demo2012 rallying for a better university system.

On November 21 students from all over the country gathered in London to participate in Demo2012: Educate, employ and empower, a demonstration organised by the National Union of Students.

The students were protesting against increased fees, funding cuts and international students restrictions amongst other things.

They were also seeking fair work and fair pay and overall a better and more properly founded university education system.

Louise Bryant, SUBU president went to London to participate in the demonstration alongside 12 other students from Bournemouth university. “Unfortunately there was little media coverage of the event, national and even really locally pretty much because it didn’t go badly. Which is a shame, that it has to come to that to draw attention to our cause,” she said.

Previous student demonstrations has resulted in quite a bit of drama, back in 2010 50,000 students violently attacked the Conservative party offices in Millbank when demonstrating against increased tuition fees. This year things went on without causing the public to much inconvenience. However, not everyone participating in the demo was happy with what NUS had achieved and NUS leader Liam Burns was the one to feel the students rage this time.

Demonstrators said he was booed at every time he entered the stage and the crowd chanted,¬†“NUS, shame on you, where the fuck you brought us to?”

There was dissatisfaction with the route which did not end by the Parliament but ended in a Rally in Kennington park.

Bryant responded to the criticism: “The NUS has had some difficult decisions to make to prevent the demonstration ending up like the one in 2010.”

Liam Burns said :”Education should open doors but the government is slamming them shut. Make education a priority.” Upcoming events and key dates from the NUS are listed here.

Main image: SUARTS

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