Dorset businesses join pact to tackle plastic

Local businesses have joined a pioneering pact to transform plastic use completely by 2023.

Dorset Cereals and Faerch Plast are part of the UK Plastics Pact, which aims to deal with waste and pollution

The national coalition is made up of more than 40 brands, councils and NGO’s.

They have created a plan to deal with plastic by 2025:

  • to eliminate single-use plastics,
  • to make all plastic packaging reusable or recyclable,
  • for 70% of plastic packaging to be recycled and
  • for 30% of all plastic packaging to be recycled content.

Their priority is to tackle food and drink, clothing and textiles and electronics.

These three areas account for 25% of the UK’s carbon footprint, 80% of the its water footprint and 40% of the nation’s household waste.

Local businesses will work together with large brands like Coca-Cola and Sainsbury’s to make the UK become an example for global sustainability.

The group said they plan to work with partners to inspire change in other nations ‘to form a powerful global movement for change’.

Dorset Cereals and Faerch Plast are part of the UK Plastics Pact, as well as supermarkets and restaurants located in the area such as Tesco, Pret a Manger and Pizza Hut.

Chris Shephard, Head of Economic Development for Bournemouth council, said plastic pollution is an issue of concern for them:

“We are striving for Bournemouth to be known across the world as a Green Economy Leader and as part of this we already have a plastics task group set up within the Council to actively look at issues around plastics. We are currently reviewing the pact criteria with an aspiration to be more involved.”
Since August 2017, BU has recycled about 70% of its waste and sent none to landfill. Neil Smith, Sustainability Manager at BU, said the University supports the Pact and its ‘laudable’ aims:
“We have yet to determine whether it is appropriate for us to join such a group. In the meantime we will continue to build on our work to date to cut the use of single use plastics. Our existing initiatives include offering discounts for using reusable mugs at all Chartwells food and drink outlets on campus, charging more for using non-reusable mugs at SUBU outlets (compared to using your own mug), replacing plastic cutlery with wooden utensils and removing the use of plastic straws.”
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