Dorset could miss out from benefits of wind farms

Onshore wind farms boosted the Southwest economy by £300 million last year, according to a new report.

Trade Body Renewables UK said wind farms bring benefits such as “job creation, clean electricity” and are a good way of attracting tourists.

However Dorset could be missing out as the county currently does not have any wind farms.

A spokesperson from Renewable UK said: “Wind farms are often places that people visit as tourism sites, the wind farm in Glasgow is actually listed as one of those places that people visit specifically.”

According to David Peacock, from the Campaign to Protect Rural England, Dorset’s landscape is not suitable for large onshore wind farms.

“Much of the land available in the county is designated as an area of natural beauty,” said Mr Peacock.

Councillor Amadeo Angiolini, from Bournemouth Borough Council, also believes that onshore wind farms are not going to bring any advantages to Dorset.

“With regard to the £300 million economic benefit I am not sure how that would benefit the local population. That’s absolute fallacy. There is no way that they would generate that amount of money,” said Councillor Angiolini.



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