Dorset Political Groups react to Brexit Vote

Dorset for Europe, a local campaign group that wishes to stay in the European Union, welcomes the outcome of these votes.

Last night, MPs voted on a series of eight alternative Brexit options and rejected them all.

But the option to hold a second referendum was the most popular, giving hope to members of the organisation.

“This is good news!” says Tim Joyce from the organisation.

“The motion for a second referendum was the most popular.¬†Clearly, no-deal got heavily hammered”, he adds.

I anticipate a second referendum

After months of campaigning for a People’s vote, the prospect of another referendum is becoming more likely.

“I anticipate a second referendum, which is to accept a soft Brexit or no Brexit at all”, Tim says.

“I don’t believe MPs would have voted as they did unless there had been one and a half million people on the streets on Saturday and six million people signing the petition through the week. I think it’s people’s pressure that has bought us to this point, and respecting people’s opinion is what it’s all about.”

Indicative vote leaves Brexiters frustrated

“What we’re witnessing is the final act in the betrayal of the referendum on the part of the establishment”, says Robin Grey, former chairman for UKIP Christchurch.

It was in or out. There was no mention of a deal!

Robin Grey argues people knew what they were voting for, and having a second referendum would be unfair for people who voted to leave the EU.

“It was in or out. There was no mention of a deal”, he says.

“We should absolutely go without a deal, we should allow the 29th of this month to come and leave without a deal. It’s not about economics, it’s about sovereignty”, he adds.

In his opinion, Theresa May’s deal “is a document that ties us to the EU.”

He says: “Ms May said that no-deal was better than a bad deal. And you can’t argue that this deal is anything but a bad deal, because it failed parliament twice!”

What happens next?

A debate on Brexit has been scheduled tomorrow. It is unclear whether or not there will be a third ‘meaningful vote’ on Theresa May’s deal.

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