Bournemouth hotel raises concern after East cliff collapse

The Hallmark Hotel in Bournemouth is worried about a decline in visitors after part of the East Cliff collapsed this weekend.

The hotel in Bournemouth is situated just behind where the collapse happened on Sunday. Receptionist Brox Szeles from the Hallmark Hotel said,

“this could have an affect on people’s decision to come here. I think people will reconsider staying with us while things get sorted out.”

Photo: Pierre Terre
Photo: Pierre Terre

She added, “so far I’ve had one phone call, which was a lady who said that she was quite worried about staying in the hotel in the future, so she would like to cancel her booking. She said it was dangerous and that she wouldn’t feel safe staying with us.”

“A lot of our guest have commented on what happened this weekend, and I know they have talked about how lucky it is that no one got hurt, however I think people understand, and I haven’t heard any bad comments from people in house. They all seem to be very understanding about it.”

Mrs Szeles added, “we can’t really do much about it. It just needs to be fixed somehow.”

Bournemouth Borough Council said, “a specialist technical engineer will visit the site early in the week and we will form a plan of action to get the area cleared and facilities back in action as soon as possible. However at this stage, we expect it will take a significant period of time before everything is operational again.”


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