‘Ecobrick’ trend sweeps the beach

Residents of Meon Shore, near Fareham, have started to use the ‘Ecobrick’ waste solution.

‘Ecobricking’ is a waste solution where non-biodegradable waste is packed tightly into a plastic bottle. Once full, they can be used for decorative or practical purposes.

Ecobricks have been used to help construct schools in South Africa, where waste management systems are largely non-existent.

Elaine Lombardi, a local resident of Meon Shore, spoke of how the community discovered the benefits of Ecobricks through social media:

“It was through Facebook really, it all came about because an article was shared on a local group which we all use.”

Elaine was happy to hear the details of the projects in South America and South Africa:

“I’d read about the benefits online but I didn’t know how wonderful it could be. I think it’s a great way of getting rid of things you can’t recycle and I hope everyone keeps it up, we will be.”

“It’s just so easy. Everyone should be doing it.”

Lucie Mann, the owner of the UK’s largest Ecobrick Facebook page and a GEA-certified Ecobrick ‘trainer’, runs workshops across the South, with one held in Bournemouth in September.

Lucie believes that Ecobricks shouldn’t be thought of as something to create and send elsewhere:

“They can be such an important tool, they really should be used in the local community wherever you are.”

Lucie’s workshops have targeted cubs, scouts and schools. This is no coincidence:

“Young people benefit so much from being educated on waste and plastics. If we teach them to reduce their waste we might stand a chance!”

Responding to the suggestion that Ecobricks alone may not affect platic usage, Lucie said:

“We’re a family of four and by making each other realise that our plastics have to be broken down and used in Ecobricks we’ve reduced our plastic waste hugely. My sons don’t even eat crisps anymore as they’ve realised how wasteful the packaging is!”

Meon residents will be hoping that social media continues to spread the word about Ecobricks as the South Coast seeks to become more conscious of its waste.


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