A dog poo bag

Plastic dog poo bags labelled an environmental threat

Anna Shepard,  says that when she goes on local dog walks plastic poo bags are “everywhere, anywhere theres a path somewhere along that pathway there will be a dog poo bag hanging from something.”

She says these bags are scattered across wildlife areas and beaches, but that the problem is largely being ignored.

Anna said: “plastic pollution in our society is coming to ahead in terms of public awareness.” However, she added: “this is just one area that the pubic seem to be really asleep on.”

She suggested that this form of plastic pollution was being ignored and that “it’s the last thing people are thinking about”.

She said this needed to change as people could easily stop this and benefit the environment. She said: “this is something people are contributing to in terms of plastic pollution and the environment on a daily basis on our door steps.”

She added: “basically people just need to be made aware that their actively contributing to plastic pollution in the environment which is a direct threat to wildlife, human health and to farm animals health.”

They need to take responsibility for their dogs in all areas.

Anna said dog owner need to take responsibility on dog walks and either take the plastic poo bag home with them and dispose of it properly or let it decompose naturally.

She said: “the word just needs to get out amongst the general public that they need to take responsibility for their dogs in all areas.”

She suggested this could change if new ideas around this issue are spread. She said: “its just a habit people have got into and we need to break.”

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