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Five things to know about Bournemouth council budget

Homelessness, vulnerable people and potholes are among the key topics in this year’s council budget statement.

The statement was outlined by Conservative Councillor John Beesley at last night’s Bournemouth Borough Council meeting for the next financial year.

Adult and children’s services

79% of the budget – around £4.5m – will be given to services helping vulnerable people.

Cllr Beesley said an additional £35.7m had been spent in this sector in the last seven years, which was pointed out as a long-term challenge for the authorities.

This money is on top of the base budget – the minimal sum needed for the council to function.

The ever-increasing elderly population was also singled out as a ‘pressing and expensive concern for Bournemouth’.


The council have said they must find at least £12.4m by the next financial year – which could mean substantial cuts to less-essential council backed projects.

Road Rescue Fund

Repair works, such as filling potholes and resurfacing Bournemouth’s worn out roads, have been granted an extra £240,000.

This is in addition to a previously allocated £4.2m.

Town Centre Enforcement

This sector will continue to receive £200,000 to deal with anti-social behaviour, rough sleeping and homelessness – that latter of which has been a topic of debate in the town in recent months.

Local Improvement Fund

The initiative supports local projects and events but will not get any further support this financial year – nor will it receive anything by April 2019.

In summary, Cllr Beesley said the budget: “… continues to deliver front line services and supports those residents most in need in our local community – the homeless, the elderly, the vulnerable and and children in our care.”

The Local Government Reorganisation, which will see the nine councils in the region merged into two, was also mentioned as a future discussion point.


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