Foreign students call for safety in Bournemouth

Bournemouth’s international students have called for better security after a foreign student was attacked last Saturday night.

The 21 year old student was attacked and injured by four people when he was returning home from a night out.

Foreign students are considered as a vital source of income for the local economy and such incidents might affect its reputation.

Salim Al Mushiki, 33, a student at ETC international college said: “Such crime might not only affect the reputation of Bournemouth but the UK as a whole.

“Safety is a key element for students and once they feel unsafe they might move to other cities or countries.”

“Foreign students could avoid troubles by taking some steps to ensure their safety such as returning home early and not walking alone,” added Mr Mushiki.

According to Friends International, students from different parts of the world come to Bournemouth every year to study English or other subjects.

Ali Abdul Allah, 24, a  student at MLS  International college said: “Violence intimidates foreign students and might affect their education because they feel unsafe surrounded by a dangerous environment.

“That also might lead people to move from the town and not recommend others to study in Bournemouth.”

“It is the responsibility of the police and the university to provide proper living conditions for international students,” added Abdul Allah.

Main image courtesy dawn.v.

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