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Postgraduate student of International Journalism at Bournemouth University. I have been a copywriter, visualiser, film maker, illustrator and public relations executive before and am pretty much interested in all topics under the sun. I love creative non-fiction and am now experimenting on ways to integrate this genre into the rapidly evolving new media.
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Studies show that teenagers are increasingly disinterested in news and current affairs. News channels in India are yet to recognise teenagers as potential consumers. No effort is being taken to create content to attract them. Recognising it as an untapped market, here is a proposal for a news channel for Indian teenagers.
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The ‘occupied’ Tibet

Tibet's problems under Chinese rule are receiving incresed global attention, in part thanks to protests and demonstrations around the world. China has responded, crushing rebellions and silencing writers, artists and the media. However, in the process, an entire culture may die out. Prasanth Aby Thomas reports.
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Wild in the garden

The Dorset and Somerset Wildlife Associations are launching the Wildlife Friendly Garden Contest aimed to appreciate contribution of gardeners to wildlife conservation. Prasanth Aby Thomas gives the details.
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