Give and Take at West Howe Community Day

The first Give or Take Day in 2013 was held on last Saturday in West Howe. Give or Take Day aims to create a connected community and bring people closer, as well as sharing unwanted items like kitchen gadgets, books,  clothes, children’s toys, and etc.

Diane Humphries, shopping and marketing manager of West Howe Community Enterprise, said: “This year we open coffee bar serving teas, coffees, hot chocolates and cakes. We are hoping to make more community events where people can come, sit down, and have a cup of tea and chat. Sometimes just get to know each other.”

About 100 people went to Henry Brown Youth Centre. More than 100kg “useless” items became useful.

According to Diane, “The main purpose of the event is about keeping stuffs out from landfill, and sharing stuffs and resources for the community. Obviously, something one person found useless, another might really want.”

Give or Take Days are like jumble sales, but totally free. People don’t have to give anything to take something away or vice versa.

One West Howe resident said: “I found out about it because of my friend. She was taking my dog for a walk, and she came back and told me. I thought I have nothing to bring, but I might find something to take. ”

“I’m one of those few people who have videos. People get rid of their radio because they have got DVD. And then I can have some videos. It’s really a good idea.”

What can I do? What can be donated? For more information, visit Give or Take Day.

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