Has this Valentines day flopped?

Bournemouth Rose sellers have claimed that Valentines day is becoming a ‘farce’.

Kathy Gale and Cathy Bateman are selling single roses on Bournemouth University campus for £2 each, or a bunch of 5 for £6. They claim that a lack of interest in Valentines Day has forced them to drop prices.

“It is usually the older couples that are more interested, but the younger generation take no interest.”

The pair are part of a group of 10 attempting to raise £1250 to fund a 10 day trip to two Bulgarian orphanages in June. The Orphanage programme has been run by Bournemouth University for the last three years.

Miss Bateman has also raised money through sponsored sky dives in Salisbury and raffle prizes.

The pair have sold only two flowers so far and are hoping that business picks up.

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