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Hope for ‘People’s Vote’ as MPs vote against ‘no deal’

A spokesperson for Dorset for Europe has told The Breaker that Parliament’s rejection of the Prime Minister’s ‘no deal’ vote means remaining in the EU is still a possibility.

Genevieve Talon of the pro-EU group, Dorset for Europe, has said that MP’s rejection of ‘no deal’ last night could “leave the door open” for delaying Brexit.

Members of Parliament were voting on whether Britain should seek to leave the EU without a deal.

It comes after Theresa May’s second draft of a withdrawal agreement was rejected by 149 votes in Parliament on Tuesday.

The Work and Pensions Secretary, Amber Rudd, said yesterday morning that ‘no deal’ would be “very bad for our economy, very bad for our security”.

“It would leave the country in chaos”

But Talon believes that that both the rejected withdrawal agreement and last night’s vote against a ‘no deal’ Brexit represent positive steps for Britain’s relationship with the European Union. She emphasised the confusion in amongst MPs.

“Tuesday’s deal was not a good deal for the UK, particularly for the Irish Border”

“There is no appetite, or at least no majority in Parliament to go for a ‘no deal’ solution. It would not be no solution at all really. It would leave the country in chaos.”

Talon believes that the votes this week, as well as the forthcoming vote on extending Article 50, could be a step towards a second referendum, which supporters have referred to as the ‘People’s Vote’

“They would have to consider a ‘People’s Vote'”

She said that this week’s parliamentary activities are offering a stepping stone for a second referendum, something Dorset for Europe are in favour of.

“Parliament rejecting the deal potentially opens the door for a ‘People’s Vote’, which is very important to us.”

“Parliament voting on an extension to Article 50 could make it abundantly clear that there is no majority for anything in Parliament and they would have to consider a ‘People’s Vote’.”

Support for a second referendum on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU is being supported with the hashtag #PeoplesVote.

England and Tottenham footballer Eric Dier joined multitudes of others in lending his support on Twitter this morning, following this week’s Parliamentary voting.

Theresa May says she will attempt to bring a third Brexit Deal to MPs by next week.

Members of Parliament will take part in the Brexit delay debate today.

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