‘I 100% would like to see changes with the next elections’

Crystal Appiah, tutor

I am allowed to vote in the UK, but I actually haven’t, but yes, I can vote. I am thinking about voting in the next elections. I 100% would like to see changes, particularly, in childrens’ rights.

I am working part-time as a tutor, and I feel children are very silent. They don’t have much saying in what happens especially when they come from a two-parent household or have parents you know, they get to do everything for them, and they don´t really have a voice. So, I feel like it’s important that children get to talk more about situations they are going through, and are not labelled as liars automatically, especially about abuse and stuff like that.

I would say that politics does affect us. There’s still issues to do with equal pay. And also with how the government is running things at the moment. I feel like a lot happened. I just feel like the people we have in power right now, I feel like they are not exactly supporting the country in the best way. Like the fact that we even have inflation right now, which could have been avoided.

As told to Maria Amaral

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