Learning freedom helps pupils raise £600 for Help for Heroes

Three pupils raised nearly £600 for the military charity Help for Heroes by organising a concert after school through an inititive offering freedom for them to do more practical work.

As a part of their ethics course, the three year 10 students from Canford School organised the concert last Saturday night.

The total donation is expected to be £700 since they are still collecting money from those who could not be at the concert.

James Andrews, Georgie Hopkins and Georgie Lane said: “We arranged this concert as a part of our Fourth Form Philosophy and Religious studies course.

“Our assignment was to make or do a project with anything related to this so we decided to put on a charity music concert event.”

Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies John Boothby said: “I think it’s not very often that you got 14-year-old students saying we want organise a concert and we want to do it for charity. I think that’s really impressive.”

“It’s quite rare that a school would actually give pupils time to work on something slightly practical. Normally they will be just learning or taught about particular ideas,” he added.

Main image credit: Canford School

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