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Costermonger tells us why shouting is so important

Shouting accounts for 70% of a costermonger’s takings, says one local trader.

53-year-old Market trader Wayne Bellows has been told to stop shouting at the traditional market in Lymington high street, due to a noise complaint received by town council.

Calling to attract customers has been a tradition in the market, which started since 1250. 

And four generations of the Bellows family had been peddling their wares in full voice for 80 years.

Mr Bellows said: “The whole thing is completely bizarre and absolutely ridiculous – not to mention ironic because of my name.”

He mentioned it’s part of the “great atmosphere” and a vital sales technique.

The town’s mayor Barry Dunning said they only asked him to tone down and not shout early in the morning.

The Breaker spoke to Boscombe’s own costermonger Tina Root, to tell us more about why shouting is so important their trade.

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