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Not all locals are happy with bikers’ return to Poole

Bikers have returned to Poole’s Quay to showcase some of the best motorbikes in the country

The sound of motorbike engines returned to Poole’s Quay on Tuesday night as BLD Dream Machines begun their new season of weekly bike nights.

The annual event has proven popular in recent years, regularly attracting around 1,000 participants. It will see the Quay closed to all traffic apart from bikes.

However, the return of the bikers has been met with less enthusiasm by some local residents. Derek Green, 82, and his wife Charlotte, 74, live near to the Quay and hope that the event will not continue too late into the night. Mrs Green said: “We don’t want all that noise ruining the peace and quiet. In the summer you want to keep your windows open, I can’t do this and keep cool without those noisy bikes giving me a headache.”

The self-financing event will donate surplus funds to charities nominated by the volunteer marshals.

Bike of the Night” competitions will take place each week and the winners will be entered into an end of season draw for “Bike of the Year” – with the opportunity to win £300 in cash as well as a trip for two to Nice and other goodies.

Cost of entry is £1 a time, or a season armband can be bought for £8.50 on the night or £7.50 in advance from the Welcome Centre on the Quay.

The event is organised by Poole Tourism. It is the largest weekly gathering of motorbikes in the UK and is considered a showpiece event for Poole. The events will run until 30 September.

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