Black and White photo of Record Store day in Crouch End, London

National Record Store Day and the vinyl resurgence

Each year on the 21st of April, shoppers head down to their local record store to buy the latest vinyl.

Sufjan Stevens, The Cure and Prince will be amongst those releasing songs for the phonograph this year. You can find the full list here.

This year will be no different for Square Records in Wimborne.

The store was set to close at the end of March, but after public mourning from the locals, business owner Malcolm Angel stepped in to help.

Paul Holman’s been running Square Records for 30 of the 40 years it’s been open.

“We didn’t realise quite what a loss we’d be to the town until we made the announcement […] It became apparent what we mean to people in the town.”

He says vinyl’s recent resurgence has helped them stay open and now makes up around 40-50% of his business.

“If it hadn’t been for vinyl, most shops like ours would have closed down by now[…] You couldn’t survive with just selling CD’s nowadays.”

“It was just a recent gimmicky thing about the fact that cassettes were coming back but there was no real weight behind it.”


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