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Boscombe locals rally round Paul Gascoigne

Local residents from the Bournemouth area have shown their support for Paul Gascoigne following news of his ongoing problems with alcohol.

Recent reports have claimed that the legendary footballer has resumed his fight with alcoholism following years of substance misuse and time spent in rehab.

The news was brought to national attention following an ill-fated appearance at a charity event in Northampton on Tuesday evening, at which Gascoigne was seen slurring his words and visibly shaking.

But local residents have quickly shown support for the former England player, who lives close to the Marina in Boscombe.

“We wouldn’t serve him,” said Rich Amos, Supervisor at Urban Reef Bar, “he said in the past to us not to give him alcohol whatever he asks.”

“He’s been up and down in the past obviously. It’s a shame, it’s a disease, isn’t it?” said Mr Amos.

But friends of the footballer, Shaun Arp and Dean Wells, fear that many of Bournemouth’s night spots might not refuse to serve him: “All they want is money, they don’t care about his health” they said.

Unfortunately the two also fear that Gascoigne not getting served may not be enough: “He’s drunk before he comes out,” they said,  “he drinks in the morning when he wakes up.”

“He opens the wardrobe, and it’s just full of bottles, he gets alcohol deliveries from Tescos and ASDA,” they added.

Main image courtesy: Kieron Wilson,@wilsonbwfc Twitter

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