Market days: Perfect opportunity for networking

The market days are held by Arts University Bournemouth to give students the opportunity to earn money and network.

“The market days are organized by the student union in AUB. It’s a chance for every student to sell their work, get some money and hopefully do some networking,” says 23 old miss Ana Iurov who is a masters student at AUB in illustration. Miss Iurov has attended quite a few market days throughout her studies and claims it is a really good opportunity to prepare the students for the future and see what it is that the market wants.

you need to be able to sell yourself and sell your work

“When you finish university you need to be able to sell yourself and sell your work and be able to talk to the people that come to look at what you do. You need to be able to say: this is what I do, this is my interest. If you want to hire me, this is what you should expect from me.”

Various range of products

At the market you can buy a various range of products, made by the art students at AUB but Miss Iurov says that the prints and signs are most popular. “Because you can do anything with prints, you can put them up on your wall or in your books or whatever you like.”

Second Wednesday of every month

Market days are held on the second Wednesday of every month. The first market day of the semester will be held on October 11th in the courtyard at the university between 12 – 2pm. Everybody can attend the event. On the AUBSU website you can find all the dates for upcoming markets or book a table to sell your products. “It is really fun” says Miss Iurov, “especially to be able to see other students’s work and possibly expend your network.”

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