Mobile thefts increase in Dorset

Police are warning people to be careful after a spate of mobile phone thefts in Dorset.

The calls have increased after £5,000 of goods have been stolen from phone shop in Dorchester. Also, there were reports about phone thefts fortnight ago in the course of a concert at the BIC in Bournemouth.

“I do not buy used phones from customers because they might be stolen especially with the increasing number of mobile phone thefts nowadays,” said David Walters, the owner of Bournemouth mobile phone repair centre.

Walters said if he bought phones from customers, he would ask them to demonstrate their names and addresses as well as a copy of identity card just in case.

Phone shops owners should take the personal information of the seller into consideration in order to avoid any attempt to sell theft phones, said Mr Walters.

This process can help police in arresting phone thieves because of their personal information.

Police Constable Garry Mason, of Dorchester Police, said: “The offenders entered the store during a busy period and ripped the items straight off the walls before making off.”

“We have received a number of reports of mobile phones being stolen at recent concerts in Bournemouth.” said Detective Sergeant Greg Tucker, of Bournemouth CID.

“I would encourage members of the public to make sure their valuables, like mobile phones, are kept as safe as possible when they are in crowded locations like live music venues,” he said.


Main photo from: Photographers Direct

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