Networking event with a yoga twist launches in Bournemouth

A new networking event using yoga has recently been launched in Bournemouth.

The session was run by Dorset Chamber of Commerce, a network of small and medium business owners.

It was hosted at The Yoga Studios on Ringwood Road.

Although the event was aimed at Chamber members, non-members and general yoga enthusiasts were also invited to take part.

Commenting on the reasoning behind it all, Chambers President Liz Willingham said this:

“As business leaders, we’re under a lot of pressure, and our teams are under a lot of pressure too. That’s why, we think it’s really important that we educate leaders about the importance of building in a little bit of activity and mental downtime during the week, to better how I feel and boost productivity.”

However, it isn’t just about the 9-5, Willingham was also keen to stress the importance of yoga on mental and physical health:

“When practised regularly [yoga], it’s a real mind and body connection. It brings your whole self into alignment.”

And said advantages, were also not lost on one attendee of the session.

One business owner and yoga enthusiast, who attended the networking, said this:

“Yoga teaches you to be focused, to listen to your body… your breathing, and it just helps you to relax.”

He also saw a bright future for the event:

After the success of the first, Liz Willingham was confident that yoga networking could expand and see its ethos stretch nationwide:

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