New Dorset social network brings parents together

A new social network has been launched in Dorset to give parents with young children a way of finding playmates for their kids.

A new social network has been launched in the south to give parents with small children a way of finding or organising playmates for their kids.

The new website allows parents to sign up and make a profile, similar to Facebook, where they can then network with other parents in their area to organise meet-ups and other social events. It also provides recommendations of the best family friendly places to visit. was launched in Dorset and the nearby areas by Bournemouth resident Jane Hancox after she won the council’s “Meet the Business Dragons” competition, getting a grant of £500 towards the business.

Ms Hancox came up with the idea for the website after moving around a lot and finding it difficult to make new friends for her children and find people to go to children’s activities with. She said: “Playdates is all about networking with people you might see every day at your child’s play group, in your local town or village. We want to help make parents’ lives easier.”

Some parents in the south thought the website was a great idea. Jennie Fisher, mother of two, said: “Although I don’t have any small children any more, it would have come in very handy in the past and I think it’ll be really helpful for parents that don’t have any way to meet other people.”

However, Dawn Perrin, mother of two and professional childminder, said she would have concerns over using a social network like this. She said: “I wouldn’t use it because I think it would be too easy for the wrong sort of people to get access to the information.”

Although the website is currently only being launched in and around Dorset, if it proves successful there are plans to expand its target area.

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Would you use this service to meet other parents? Would you have any concerns? Leave us your comments below.

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