A new home for ideas in Poole – Ideas2Action launch

Ideas2Action is a new volunteer organisation that focuses on environmental and social projects aiming to improve the community.

A new Poole based volunteer organisation was launched on Tuesday after being granted funds by the Poole council with their Green Initiatives Grant.

Ideas2Action started back in October, 2013, on the back of the successful ‘We Need That!’ project that has been implemented by many of the Poole council wards and JP Morgan’s green team in Bournemouth.

Councillor Mark Howell described the newly launched organisation as having “great potential for being the home of ideas to improve Poole. There are many people with ideas but no where for them to meet and exchange them.

“When people with ideas come together, they create sparks that then create more new ideas.”

But it’s not just about ideas, as it says in the name, this is about actioning those ideas that can improve the community.

The organisations’ co-ordinator, Monique Munro, said “I want these ideas to make a difference, that is the message we’re trying to embed in the community.”

Ideas2Action Chairman, Nick Ellis, wanted focus to be on the youth: “Us oldies, we’ve wrecked it for the younger generations. We need to be helping them to prevent more environmental issues for their kids and so on. We just want to spread the word.”

“We have many ideas and want more people to get involved so we can put them into action” – Ideas2Action co-ordinator, Monique Monro

The latest project, which helped win the funding from the council, is called ‘Win on Waste’ and it is starting in Canford Heath but has already seen growing interest from other ward councillors.

Canford Cliffs Ward Councillor, May Haines, expressed interest in the scheme: “Fortunately I was on the committee assessing this application, and I soon as we saw it, we had no doubt but to fund it.

“I am the councillor for Canford Cliffs and I’m thinking, we should be doing this! Other councillors have been hearing about it too and are seriously considering it.”

The launch, held at The Foundry Arms pub in Poole, was attended by a number of councillors, JP Morgan’s green team, Dorset Blind Association, Lions, and Bridging Communities as well as a number of other organisations. The pub kindly provided the space for free and complimentary food.

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