New wine bar comes to Bournemouth

Located in Bournemouth town centre, the new wine bar opens to the public on Thursday, February 21 from 6pm.

The space has been designed for customers to enjoy a glass of wine in a relaxed atmosphere.

Christos Karatzenis, the Operations Manager, said: “We hope that the locals and visitors will love it as a place to relax and have a couple of drinks before they go to eat upstairs or some other place around”.

With a nostalgic backdrop, he added: “We want to offer the same we do in Greece.”

We always have food when we drink.

Alongside the wine, they will be serving a complimentary Greek Aperitivo. Tonia Buxton, the face of Greek food in the UK and consultant of the restaurant, said: “The Greeks never just drink…We always have food when we drink.”

As well as the restaurant’s menu, the Aperitivos have been designed by the chefs together with Tonia and will be produced with fresh ingredients from Greece and Cyprus.

The menu offers different types of pure Greek wine such as fruity or a more dry and floral wine. Tonia highlighted: “A lot of the wines we will have won’t be able to be found anywhere else in the UK.”

In May,  a new wine list will be introduced to increase the variety of Greek wines.


To see Christos and Tonia explaining more about what you can expect from the new wine bar, click below.

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