No expectation of snow in Bournemouth

While snow covers much of Britain, Karen Yun looks at the greener pastures of Bournemouth.

Except for a bit of slush and icy rain, there is still no sign of snow in Dorset. While the sea froze over in Poole Harbour on Saturday morning the cold snap has not caused any complications in the area compared to the trouble rest of the country has experienced. Along Britain’s south coast, located in Dorset, Bournemouth usually has a mild winter.

Steve Hawkes, a retired scientist who has lived in the neighbourhood for the past 7 years said: “We are by the sea and that has an ameliorating influence. It moderates the temperature, I’m glad that we haven’t got all the snow, slush and the dangers on the road.”

There has not been more than 10 centimetres of snow since January 1985 except the surprising snowfall in December 2010.

Claire Ellis, a Bournemouth University student, said: “I am really happy about the weather in Bournemouth, snow just causes a huge inconvenience back at home. It is horrible, I can’t get anywhere, cars crash and everyone falls over all the time.”

It seems like most of the public are enjoying the ice free conditions in Bournemouth. However, there are always exceptions.

“I think you only like snow when you are either unemployed or a child,” Claire said.

Some younger tweeters have aired their complaints about the lack of snow of social media outlet Twitter. Yesterday, Maria Asmar, age 15, tweeted: “Come on Bournemouth give us some snow…… at least then the cold will be worth it!”

According to the BBC weather forecast, Bournemouth is expected to be sunny both today and tomorrow. However, the temperature will remain low, between 4 and -1. The cold weather is expected to continue into the weekend.

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