Karen Yun

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Just graduated from Interactive Media Production, now a MA International Journalism student in Bournemouth University. I have a passion in storytelling and cultural adaptation, love travelling as well as immersing in different cultures. Experiencing the vast array of characters and political systems and learning new types of media from around the world is my aims of being a journalist.

News For Youth

Why watch the news but not sometime more casual after a heavy school day? Current research shows that youths are not so much looking for ‘news’ but a sense of belonging to their own life. News For Youth aims to bring Hong Kong teenagers back to watch news program more often with subjects that they are interested in.
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“Get people more active, more often”

BH Live the leisure and cultural trust, is also the operator of most sport centres in Bournemouth and is planning to launch more physical activities and fitness programs within the local area in the future. Karen Yun finds out what the future holds for sport centres associated with BH Live.
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Cheer for BU

A newly formed cheerleading squad has come to Bournemouth University. The BU Falcons may only be two weeks old, but Karen Yun was impressed by their moves when she went to watch the squad train.
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Liveblog: Apple Event 7 March

The Breaker is covering the Apple event with social media here from 6pm, live. Including images, public live feeds and retweeting posts by media organisations who are at the event, this post will be automatically updating every 15 minutes.
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