Police officer caught running a red light

A Police officer is punished for running a red light on Holes Bay road then failing to pay the fixed penalty fine.

A Bristol police officer was given three penalty points and fined £150 after being found guilty of failing to comply with a red traffic light.

Matthew Clement, 45, of Bristol, admitted to driving his Mini Cooper through the red light on the A350 Holes Bay road, at approximately 5am on December 2 last year.

Bournemouth Magistrate’s Court heard that Clement had failed to pay the fixed penalty fine issued to him after the incident.

Arguing for the defence, Mr Hammond asked for Clement’s fine to be kept low, pointing to his previously clean driving license, the fact that his actions posed little danger to other drivers and that this particular junction was well known for causing confusion.

He requested that the fine imposed mimic that of the original fixed penalty, Clement being a single father with two children to support.

He may also be disciplined by the police force.

During sentencing the chairman of the bench stated: “As this is your first driving offence and you are usually a careful driver, you will receive a fine today.”

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